NEW LA Retail Food Inspection Report For Restaurants & Food Markets

by marycfitzgerald

#Los Angeles County Environmental Health will be using a new #Food Official Inspection Report (FOIR) with a new point deduction system. If you own a food facility in Los Angeles County you will be affected by these changes. A BRIEF OVERVIEW  –  Effective July 1, 2013, food facility inspection form is now called Compliance Report or FOIR.  ALSO a New Point deduction system; points have been reorganized; the inspection format still using the CA FOOD CODE.   Health Inspection procedures are the same – Rating Point System still the same but different items are given different point values.  It will take some time to adjust.  New #Marking Guide is being written. The NEW FORM – Requires the name of the Certified Food Protection Manager’s and the certification number.  Here are a few points to be familiar with:  MAJOR  4 points = when situation poses an immediate health hazard, MINOR = 2 points = the situations needs correction but not threatening.

Something to be aware of is number 14. on check list = Food Contact Surfaces, Clean and Sanitized – sanitize solutions have always been checked but now if they are too low, you will be given either 2 & 4 points depending on how low the solution is.  Already many restaurants have received a B Rating due to this procedure enforcement.  Sanitation solutions must be “Active” when tested.

The Health Department is conducting trainings all over the city and they are informative and will help all to adjust to the new system.  Go to their website, # and search WHAT’S NEW.